9-4. TIPS 4U2D



Myrene Gerochi Galecia


1. Treat your business…like a business!
2. DO something to grow your business every day.
3. Lead by example.
4. Work with the workers.
5. Treat Alliance Global as YOUR store.
6. YOU succeed only if THEY succeed.
7. YOU make it happen, no one else.
8. Leaders are readers.
9. Open your eyes to your potential.
10. Set goals…and publish them!
11. Have a plan (a realistic plan).
12. Winning starts with beginning.
13. Focus.
14. Send praise down (and criticism up).
15. Don’t quit.
16. Think BIG.
17. Don’t major in minors.
18. Don’t be a negative thinker.
19. Some will, some won’t. So what?! Someone’s waiting! Next!
20. Persist until you win.


Tips 4U2D  –

November 18, 2013
Do not hurry. Step by step, reach your aim. Read and learn. Take it easy and every day,you can learn something. You will not earn in one month,but when you grow with your busines you can get your extra money.

Tips4U2D – Nov 14,   2013                                                                                                                     Believe Believe in yourself, never give up and go about your business with passion, drive and enthusiasm. Always try to help your down line. Communication is also very important. Communicate with your team members at least once in a week.  Refer and sponsor as many people as you can. Always try and encourage your team to duplicate. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Follow the successful people. Communicate and seek the help and advice of your up line team members. If you follow this path, success will be yours. All the best!

Tip 4U2D  – Nov. 13, 2013

The best tip recommended at this time is to “never give up.” Keep moving forward with everything you do through the low times and high times. It is found throughout  life that with every task or situation, If you try to move forward, you will n never fail. But if you feel that you can’t do something and don’t give your best, then you will fail.

Tips 4U2D  – Nov 12, 2012
Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.

Brand yourself, make yourself available and well known to others.

Build relationships with your downline and clients, they are the cornerstone of your success.


Tip 4U2D – Nov 11, 2011
Stay the course and never quit! Do whatever you can every single day to build your Alliance Global business. Doesn’t matter how small or big it is, but doing it consistently  is what will take your business forward! Remember every day is a learning process and keep learning!


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